Topics Project “Creating A Digital Platform for the Area Study on Greater Cairo”


This 2020 IRC project aims area studies in Egypt using big data and GIS. As an outcome, we launched an online resource “Creating A Digital Platform for the Area Study on Greater Cairo” in March 2021.

This online resource discloses the result of analyses of a person trip survey (travel behavior inventory) conducted in Cairo in 2001 to the public. These big data derived from survey samples to the amount of 120,000 are valuable to grasp Greater Cairo as the daily living area of the time, and lifestyles of inhabitants there in various social positions. Therefore, combined with socio-economic statistical analysis centering on demographic statistics, geographical information including maps made by GIS, and image analyses of materials such as photographs and postcards, the analyses of these data are expected to contribute an epoch-making area study on the living area in Greater Cairo at the beginning of the 21st Century, the period of social changes.

This project will construct a research platform across multiple disciplines in which researchers specializing in area studies, history, geography, sociology, etc. will come together in order to advance the interdisciplinary research on modern and present-day Cairo. The below papers on its research outcomes are also available on the website of this project.
1) “Person Trip Survey Data as a Source Material for the Study on the Living Area in Greater Cairo―A Case Study on the Animal Drawn at the Beginning of 21st Century”
2) “Historical Transitions of Qisms (Districts) of Greater Cairo”

(Written by Wakako KUMAKURA and Mayumi ADACHI)

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