The IRC is consolidating and publishing its research materials and joint research outcomes according to the following policies.

(1) Publication of materials and joint research outcomes on the languages and cultures of Asia and Africa

Assistance with digitizing and publishing various language data and materials regarding the languages and cultures of Asia and Africa (brochures, posters, films, 8-millimeter films, videotapes, audiotapes, etc.) collected and owned by ILCAA and results of various joint research in ILCAA. Support for processing and publication of various materials on languages and cultures owned by researchers outside ILCAA.

(2) Development of International Joint Research

Promoting international research through publishing and sharing resources such as databases, electronic dictionaries, digital visual-libraries, through assisting researchers in conducting projects to create such resources, and through steamlining and enhancing international joint research.

(3) Parent Organization for Consolidating Basic Theory about Accumulation and Exchanges of Content

Theorization of areas such as character code (encoded character set) theory considering diachronic writing system, multilingual language-processing theory, basic collation, formatting, and typesetting theory in multiple script systems. Sophistication of specifications for input methods in mixed multiple script systems, exchange protocol of formatting, and typesetting outcomes, etc. Maintenance of input methods and interfaces for multimedia system such as abstract searches of pictures, videos, voices.

Academic Chronology

1964 ILCAA was established as an affiliate of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and as the first institution to be designated as an Inter-University Institution in the humanities and social sciences in Japan.
1997 By the order of the Ministry of Education, the Information Resources Center (IRC), which aims at the accumulation, processing, and publication of information resources on languages and cultures of Asia and Africa, the development of joint research methods using them, and the promotion of international academic exchange, was established within ILCAA.
2002 Relocated from old Nishigahara campus to the current Fuchu campus.
2010 ILCAA was designated as a Joint Usage/Research center ‘International Research Center for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa’ by Japanese MEXT.

Past Center Directors

WATANABE, Honoré 2023-
TAKAMATSU, Yoichi 2021-2022
WATANABE, Honoré 2019-2020
HOSHI, Izumi 2017–2018
NAKAYAMA, Toshihide 2013-2016
NAGAHARA, Yoko 2011-2012
MIO, Yuko 2009-2010
KURIHARA, Hirohide 2007-2008
MINEGISHI, Makoto 2004-2006
UCHIBORI, Motomitsu 2003
MACHIDA, Kazuhiko 1999-2002
IKEHATA, Setsuho 1997-1998
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