Mission & Policy

Construction and Systematization of Research Resources

  1. The IRC is assisting activities for the digitization and publication of materials and joint research findings on the languages and cultures of Asia and Africa owned by ILCAA, its staff, and outside researchers, and working for the accumulation of research resources.
  2. The IRC is proactively publishing and disseminating its research resources on the internet to make them available to both domestic and foreign research communities.
  3. The IRC is promoting the investigation of methods for research resources sharing and joint research.
  4. The IRC is promoting joint research open to outside the ILCAA by using the research methods constructed in the IRC in order to popularize and develop the methods.

The IRC actually promotes the following research activities.

IRC Project

The IRC considers "accumulation, processing, publication, utilization method studies of information resources concerning the languages and cultures of Asia and Africa" as a major part of our activities.
IRC Projects are recruited, reviewed, and adopted every year for instigating their academic activities as joint research in which researchers in more various fields participate.

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IRC Workshop

The IRC workshop aims at delivering and promoting the IRCs accumulated research outcomes and methods to researchers in and outside ILCAA. The workshops are intended for these researchers to organize joint research, which will encourage the formation and development of new research areas based on their research outcomes. The IRC holds various workshops.

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Joint use of Research resources

The IRC is mainly working for "the accumulation, processing and analyses of research resources," among the various activities regarding "[t]he collection, analyses, and editing of research resources and dissemination of research findings," one of the three main research purposes of ILCAA as a joint usage/research center.
For these activities, the IRC is proactively supporting the digitization and publication of various linguistic and cultural materials of Asia and Africa (texts, voice data, pictures, etc.) collected not only by research findings related to ILCAA but also by researchers outside ILCAA.

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