Events Information Resources Center 20th Anniversary Symposium “Information resources and archiving in humanities”


“Information resources and archiving in humanities”

Information Resources Center (IRC) of ILCAA celebrates the 20 anniversary of its foundation. In this symposium commemorating it, we will talk about the processes of materializing humanities, problems regarding the sharing of resources, and research which comes out of using these resources with panelists who materialize humanities and utilize resources.
Anyone can participate in this symposium if they are interested in materializing and archiving of the humanities.

  • Date/Time: 2017/12/09 (Sat) 13:30–18:15(Open: 13:00)
  • Place: Room 304, 3rd Floor of ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


13:30-Opening Speech by Masato IIZUKA (Director of ILCAA)
13:45-Keynote lecture by Jun TAKASHIMA (ILCAA) “Making of Kannada-English-Japanese Trilingual Electric Dictionary”
14:15-“Lightening Talk: Brief overview of the IRC projects”
(1) Yuko ABE (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University)“Website creation for Bande language learning material ‘Tusahule Sibhende”
(2)Jun’ichi ODA (ILCAA) “ Database of Indian Ocean Folktales”
(3)Norikazu KOGURA (ILCAA)”Turkic basic vocabulary database”
(4)Hikari EGAWA (Meiji University)/Yoichi TAKAMATSU (ILCAA) “Publication of database of the Ottoman theater poster”
15:05-“Dialogues between creators and users”
(1)Kazushi IWAO (Ryukoku University), Ai NISHIKIDA (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies) ”Old Tibetan Document Online”
(2)Yoichi TAKAMATSU (ILCAA), Keiko IWAMOTO (JSPS Research Fellow) ”Abjad Numerals Calculator”
(3)Osami OKUDA (Sapporo Gakuin University)/Miki KOBAYASHI/ Mika FUKAZAWA (Preparatory Office for National Ainu Museum) “Online text of Ainu collected by Suzuko Tamura”
(4)Panel Discussion “For the future of creating and using Information resources”
18:15-Closing Remarks by Izumi HOSHI (IRC Director)
  • Language : Japanese
  • Admission: Free
  • Pre-registration: not required
  • Organized by IRC

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