Events 【2017/11/21】Information Resources Center 20th Anniversary Workshop “Competitive performance : Folklore of Reunion Island (region of France in the Indian Ocean) VS Classic Rakugo”


  • Date/Time: 2017/11/21 (Tue) 18:30–21:30 (18:00 Open)
  • Program:

1. Izumi HOSHI (Director of IRC, ILCAA) Opening speech

2. Jun’ichi ODA (ILCAA) Overview of the workshop and presentation of the guests

3. Isabelle Cillon & Jean-Pierre Accapandie Explanation and performance of “Maloya”, a major musical genre of Reunion Island.

4. Jean-Pierre Accapandie Folklore performance: “Origin of Maloya”

5. Kokontei Bungiku Classic Rakugo performance: “Father and son who are heavy drinkers”

6. Isabelle Cillon Folklore performance by: “Ti-Jean and monster of a pumpkin”

7. Questions and answers

  • Language: Japanese, English, Reunionese Creole and French (with Japanese consecutive interpretation).
  • Interpreter: Moeha SAISHO (Graduate school of sociology, University of Reunion Island)
  • Admission: 2,000 yen (With curry & one drink)
  • Pre-registration is needed.

Because it is a perfect reservation system due to the number of people in the venue, please apply to “ilcadj1[at]” ( ←Please change [at] to @) with “number of people” by “October 15” .

  • Jointly sponsored by ILCAA Information Resources Center, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Principal Investigator: Jun’ichi ODA (ILCAA) Research Project Number:16H05671)
  • Place: Mamezou (2-18-15, Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0004)

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