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The IRC project “Digitalization of publications on the studies of Eurasian languages,” which started in 2020, has been working on digitalizing the publications, and released an online resource “Publications by CSEL” as an outcome in March 2021.

The Consortium for the Studies of Eurasian Languages was organized by members from some of the Kakenhi projects (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Japan) for research on Eurasian languages in March 2007. The Consortium obtained ISBN978-4-903875- from the Japan ISBN Agency and assigns a 13-digit ISBN to its publications by its members. This website provides a list of bibliographic information for those books.

We currently have Volumes 1–21 of the core publication, “Contribution to the Studies of Eurasian Languages (CSEL),” as well as other publications related to Eurasian languages and cultures, including “Russian-Dolgan Conversation Book” and “Sakha Conversation Book.” In addition, you can search keywords in the webpage.

(Written by Norikazu KOGURA and Mayumi ADACHI)

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