Topics The sunset on the top of Mt. FUJI as seen from the IRC


I’m HAYATA, a Research Associate of the IRC. Many people enjoy the last chances to observe “diamond Mt. Fuji” from various locations before the end of the Heisei Era, and I could see the sun going into the top of Mt. Fuji from the 5th Floor of the ILCAA in January 24.

Along with my own camera, I also used the tripod rented from the IRC for this shooting.

In addition to Tripod, we provide the services to full-time staffs, researchers, fellows junior fellows, joint researchers such as rental services of various shooting and recording materials, various scanners including large format scanners, large format printer. We welcome your proactive use of IRC.

Caution: It is too dangerous to see the sun through the optic finder of a single-lens reflex camera.

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