News Workshop “Translate the World” was held.


We held a workshop called “Translate the World” commemorating the 20th anniversary of the IRC and the 15th anniversary of the Japanese Wikipedia on Saturday, October 28, 2017.

Despite the bad weather caused by an approaching Typhoon, many people participated in the event and we ended the event on a high note.
From the perspective of translation, four panelists talked about the history and the current situation of Wikipedia.
Though the use of Wikipedia has become widespread since the Japanese Version started, we guess few of people who read it participate in writing or translating articles. In this workshop, we were able to hear interesting episodes of panelists who actually participate in the translation.

In the last part of workshop, participants had an opportunity to actually try translating articles with the help of the panelists and the moderator.
Even with the help such as manual and documentation, many questions arise when we actually try something. So, it is really encouraging for us to receive some advice from persons with information, and we learned a lot in this workshop.

We guess that many of who tried to translate articles for the first time felt more familiar to Wikipedia.
We would like to appreciate all the panelists and moderator who contributed to this workshop.

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