Events 【Finished】Presentations on information resources created by the IRC projects 2018


  • Date/Time: 2019/04/25 (Thu) 13:30–18:00
  • Presentations on information resources created by the IRC projects 2018
1.13:30-13:35 Introduction
2.13:35-13:45Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI (ILCAA) “Online text of Ainu collected by Suzuko Tamura”
3.13:45-13:55Norikazu KOGURA (ILCAA) “Turkic Basic Vocabularies (phase 5)”
4.13:55-14:05Izumi HOSHI (ILCAA) “Old Tibetan Documents Online”
5.14:05-14:15Asako SHIOHARA (ILCAA) “Making a linguistic map of Malay varieties and developing the data collecting system for the map”
6.14:15-14:25Keita KURABE (ILCAA) “Construction of ‘Kachin Portal Website’”
7.14:25-14:35Yona TAKAHASHI (ILCAA Research Associate) “Development of a simple and web-based input method for Unicode multilingual text”
8.14:35-14:50Questions and answers
9.15:00-15:10Suzushi HAYATA (ILCAA Research Associate) “Digitization of the Qing Wen Hui Shu”
10.15:10-15:20Nobuaki KONDO (ILCAA) “Constructing a digital library of the illustrations from Voyages du chevalier Chardin en Perse”
11.15:20-15:30Yoichi TAKAMATSU (ILCAA) “Publication of Ottoman theatrical posters data base”
12.15:30-15:40Yoichi TAKAMATSU (ILCAA) “Data Base of musical information in the Ottoman theatrical posters”
13.15:40-15:50kiyokazu OKITA (Sophia University) and Satoshi OGURA (ILCAA) “Digitization of Matsya project microfilms”
14.15:50-16:00Questions and answers
  • Language: Japanese
  • Admission: Free
  • Organized by Information Resources Center (IRC)
  • Place: 304 , ILCAA

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